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Quotes I use Diatomaceous once a month on all my farm animals and my dog. A neighbor of mine suggested it two years ago. She uses it with her dogs, sheep and goats. She told me to use it as a wormer and it would improve feed consumption and growth. Using something natural and non-chemical on my horses, cow and goats is important because the chickens and turkeys forage in the manure. Chemical wormers are something I do NOT want to end up in my eggs or poultry meat! I also discovered that my hens lay eggs more consistently when wormed regularly with diatomaceous earth in their feed. I use it in their nest boxes to prevent mites and on the floor of the coops for ants, earwigs, cockroaches and any other insect you can think of!. It has been a fantastic organic product i recommend it to everyone ! Quotes
Farm Animals

Quotes Works great on German Shepherds We got our 9 week old puppy. For the next 9 months we fought a constant battle with intestinal roundworms. Over-the-counter & veterinary treatments helped for a couple of weeks, then she would be infested again. I searched the web for worm treatments when I finally found DE I put 1 level scoop (which was provided when i bought DE) to every kilo of food. The next day after the first treatment she passed a huge number of worms. She passed worms for the next 3 days. After the fourth day there were no more worms in her stool. Her stool was no longer wet & soupy but solid & firm. 8 months later she is still worm free. I put DE in her food & water occasionally now, not every day. This product has eliminated intestinal parasites from her life. Every vet should know about your product. Quotes
German Shepard Owner
intestinal parasites

Quotes I have been looking after a friends horse that had a large lump, like a big thumb, sticking out of its side. For a month now I have been feeding it Diatomaceous Earth and Molasses, which she was really enjoying. Yesterday I noticed the lump was gone completely. I was so amazed that I had to tell you and let others know. It had to be the Diatomaceous Earth Quotes

Quotes Ive used DE Numerous amounts of times on my vegetable garden and animals.. it has been FANTASTIC. my dogs and cat look healthier and happier and ive saved loads of money! im so happy to see that it is finally hitting petshops so i wont have to buy it online anymore ! :) Yours sincerely, a very happy customer :) Quotes

Quotes Our chickens were practically eaten up with lice in the summer to such an extent they had lost most of their feathers and almost quit laying eggs. Finally, we made a dusting box where they could go dust in DE at will. They wasted no time figuring what to do with it, flapping their wings in the DE to rid their lice and itches. I?m happy to report they look like a different set of chickens, with most of their feathers grown back and egg production back up to normal. In the poultry house we mix it in with the wood shavings and hay when we clean the coop out to keep it dry and pest free. Quotes
Chickens keep their feathers and hatch more eggs.

Quotes I have two rescue dogs that were abandoned and left to starve. They had fleas, worms and no appetite. My sister has 12 dogs and she uses DE for her dogs, so she gave me some to start my dogs on. I dust them daily with DE and put it in their wet food, which I was having to force feed to them. WOW! What difference- fleas are gone, and I don?t see any more worms. Their stool is perfect now and their coat, eyes are shinning. Thanks Organics Made Easy for all your help and information that you gave to me to help with my rescues. I recommend Diatomaceous Earth to anyone who has problems with their animals or who are just looking for a natural safe alternative for your animals Quotes
No more fleas or worms