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Organics Made Easy pty ltd

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Teddy loves the beach and parks but would always come home with ticks fleas you name it he had it. I didnt want to use chemicals on him so i started doing some research. came across Diatomaceous Earth and i haven't looked back. Teddy and my other 2 dogs are DE dogs now ! i save money and time using this wonderful product 

Thanks for supplying such a great product

Dust and feed your poultry DE

Use DE as an alternative to chemicals for worming, ridding them of mites, lice and flea's. use inconjunction with OME"S Calgrit mineral for harder egg shells, prevents birds from becoming egg bound and improvesoves digestive aid.

Calgrit mineral

Use OME'S Calgrit mineral as an alternative to conditioning blocks. Improves shell growth and bones. it also buffers the waters PH level, prvents illness and doubles as a gravel.